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Step 1

Inspect and Assess the Damage

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Step 2

Prepare Estimate for Cost of Repairs

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Step 3

Negotiate to reach settlement. If unsuccessful the appraisers invoke the impartial umpire who evaluates the assessments made by both appraisers and makes a final determination.

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Step 4

The final appraisal award with estimate for cost of repairs is completed.

The appraisers share the findings with the policyholders and the insurance company for review.

We believe you deserve to experience the satisfaction and closure that comes with a fair resolution.

Claims Appraisal & Mediation Services team of experienced appraisers are well versed in the complexities of residential and commercial property claims. 

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  • Detailed analysis of all claim-related materials and supporting documentation.
  • Evaluation of damages using cutting edge Matterport technology to create immersive 3D models of properties.
  • Our skilled drone operators capture high resolution aerial imagery, providing valuable insights into hard to reach areas.
  • Our estimating services utilize Xactimate software and methodologies to generate accurate and detailed cost estimates.

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